KiwiCo Social/Video Campaigns

KiwiCo—a subscription service promoting STEM and innovation for kids of all ages—wanted help with their social media ads. Leaning on a variety of concepts, we created ads ranging from augmenting reality with fun illustrations drawn over the top of live-action footage to breaking the fourth wall as someone scrolled through their feed to presenting fun quizzes that helped educate and entertain parents and caregivers. Through these ads, we wanted our audience to see where a kid's imagination meets reality.

  • Landing page design
  • Illustration
"We got scrappy in the peak of the pandemic lockdowns and brought the production in-house. Like, I literally shot everything in my house with my kids."
Jon Deviny ACD / Seven2
"Brainstorming for a KiwiCo social media campaign was all about appealing to parents and caregivers, so we put ourselves in their shoes and created videos that they’d find aspirational."
Krista Yep Creative strategist and writer / seven2