We are Seven2

A talented and deeply enthusiastic set of individuals who coalesce into an exceedingly collaborative, uncommonly awesome team. Since 2004, we’ve designed and built websites, games, online ad campaigns, mobile apps, and more for clients like AT&T, Netflix, Nickelodeon, Expedia, Bravo TV, Disney, MTV, and others.

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Putting the active in interactive

Are we health-conscious and fit because there’s a full gym in the basement of our building? Or is there a full gym in the basement because we’re health-conscious and fit? We ponder that daily.

Hearts of pure gold.

We’ll admit it – we’re proud of the fact we give back to our community in several meaningful ways, including speaking to classrooms of hungry young minds, funding a donation to each employee’s favorite charity at Christmas time, and supporting local organizations like the Spokane Guild School and Meals on Wheels.View Blog >